I started painting in 1988. Between 1988 and 1992 I received private instructions from a professional artist. He shared with me the techniques of XVII Dutch Masters. I was also experimenting with my own ideas and styles. My source of income was in business management and art was a hobby with occasional sales or freelance assignments. I was born in Warsaw, Poland. In 1999 during my vacation abroad I met my husband, who lived in Bay Area, CA. In 2000 I moved to California and soon after we got married. Our two children came along. Since 2005 we live in Chula Vista, California.
In January 2010 I started my art business. My initial art project was creating a series of twenty paintings in honor of the centennial year of my city, Chula Vista, CA. My collection was displayed in Chula Vista City Hall, San Diego Superior Court South Division, Chula Vista South Branch Public Library and a local church. In 2012 I published a book “Katarzyna Lappin – Paintings of Chula Vista” with my painting collection and a documentary video produced by my husband David Lappin. The documentary presents my journey through the project, with interviews, local sceneries and centennial events of Chula Vista. To find out more about this book click on menu, and select “books”.
The main painting from my centennial series, “Lemon City – Chula Vista” is gracing the opening page of the book “Chula Vista Centennial – A Century of People and Progress”, written by historian Steven Shoenherr and published by the City of Chula Vista in 2011. My other “centennial” artwork, “Fenton Pond” was published in this book as well. I was featured in “My Hometown” Magazine and SouthBay Compass.
As a member of several art organizations I am actively involved in local art events and shows. Since 2011 till the end of 2012 I was serving on board of the Chula Vista Cultural Arts Commission. I display my art through local and national shows, art fairs, Coronado Art in the Park, Balboa Park, annual open studio events, community centers, and art galleries. In 2015 I accepted the nomination for a President of the Chula Vista Art Guild. I served as a President for one year. Since May 2016 I hold the position of the CVAG Publicity and Public Relations Director.
Currently my main artistic focus are the California landscapes. Living in San Diego, Southern California I can’t stop feeling amazed by the beauty of the region. I also paint still life scenes and floral artworks. I accept commissions including portraits and pets.

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