JP Williams

JP Williams is a performing songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s co-writer on the no. 1 hit single “Best Shot”—the song that launched the career of country music artist Jimmie Allen.
JP has performed on the Grand Ole Opry (a stunning solo acoustic performance of his song entitled “The Grand Ole Opry” cowritten with Bobby Tomberlin), as well as countless other notable stages throughout his career in the music industry.
He writes under his own publishing company, Blonde Leading Blind Music. Previously, he was signed as a staff writer with Major Bob Music from 2011 to 2018.
In addition to songwriting, JP is an accomplished singer, songwriting workshop leader, and public speaker. Blind since age 10, he brings a unique, seasoned perspective to every opportunity. Whether it’s a music gig on a notable stage, a songwriting workshop on a university campus, or keynote speech at a national conference, JP has an innate gift for connecting with audiences through humor and music to share wisdom and inspiration.
JP is passionate about the positive power of music, accessible technology, and leveling the playing field in the workplace (and, heck, every place) for people of all abilities. If you’re interested in his music, workshops, or speaking, get in touch via the Contact page on the website.

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