Jonatas Chimen

Jonatas Chimen is a Brazilian-American Symbolist painter, sculptor, performance artist, writer, and lecturer. His work explores personal and collective identity amidst a complicated and ever-changing cultural landscape. The artist’s exploration of identity is often drawn from his own family’s history of immigration. ?Embedded in Jonatas Chimen’s creations are history, emotion, spirituality, and personal passion. The artist’s works are a blend of traditional Spanish Realism and contemporary approaches with alternative materials. In his realism, bold figures and carefully chosen inanimate objects situated against dark backgrounds appear to glow and rise from the canvas. In his conceptual pieces, Chimen uses pastiches of immigration documents, crushed charcoal, cut canvas, personal diaries, and photography. Overall, his message of embracing one’s cultural identity and disclosing personal beliefs with pride is a recurring theme in his work.
Jonatas Chimen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies from The University of Madison-Wisconsin, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida International University. Chimen has instructed and lectured at the Art Institute of Weston, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, The Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute, and at Florida International University. His work has been featured at major art galleries, art auctions, and venues such as Artexpo New York, the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, Miami Art Week, and at the Jewish Museum of Florida. In 2015, Jonatas Chimen was awarded the title of Artist of the Year by the Anti-Defamation League for his art series titled The Journey.

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