Joe Rathburn

Joe Rathburn is a lifetime full time musician, hailing from San Diego, California.
Joe’s music can be placed in the genre called Positive Music. His tunes have purpose, and carry with them more than just chord changes, grooves, catchy melodies, and hooks for the sake of their cool factor. They speak to the heart and mind of the listener directly. They uplift the soul in an instantly tangible way, while remaining fun, interesting, and non-preachy.
Joe’s music can also be likened to the singer/songwriters of the 1960s and ‘70s: the Paul Simon, James Taylor, Cat Stevens variety, yet his has a quality all his own which, though paying homage, never copies.
He performs continuously and his vast stage experience includes: festivals, arenas, clubs, churches, and coffeehouses, headlining his own shows as well as opening shows for others. Joe has opened for Ellis Paul, Susan Werner, Dave Van Ronk and a list of others as diverse as Chuck Berry, The Guess Who, Ray Charles, and Kiss.
Here’s a picture of downtown Flint, MI. (my hometown), circa early sixties. If you look closely on the right side of the picture, partially obscured by a streetlight pole, you’ll see Marshal Music. That’s where I took a couple of guitar lessons when I was around 8 years old.
A fella had come to our rural home in the dead of winter selling guitar lessons door to door. He taught me on to play Hawaiian style with the guitar on my lap, using a steel bar like a Dobro. I learned Aloha Oe. I think he was from Marshal Music, or maybe not, but it was his visit that lead me to Marshal Music. Only about 3 lessons total, but that’s what got me started.

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