Joe Cozzi

Joe CozziJoe Cozzi has been a resident of Miami for 33 years now. Since the clubbing age of 16, Joe has had an insatiable appetite for dancing and collecting music. Influenced early on by his brother, himself a DJ, it wasn’t until the fall of 1998 that Joe began his relationship with the turntables! However, Joe started out as a guitarist whereby he developed his musicianship with great passion. With preparation came a performance scholarship and acceptance into the University of Miami School of Music. Joe’s ambition, however, was not to become a guitarist, rather, he was set on becoming a recording engineer. 5 years later, he graduated from the School of Musics Music Engineering Technology Program. While at the University of Miami, Joe exposed himself to industry-leading cutting edge technology which only fed his appetite to create great sounds. Combining that experience with his music theory education, Joe strives to captivate his audience with knowledgeable sets in his own unique style. He mixes in almost every genre of music including deep house, progressive and tech house, although his first passion was in fact trance. More importantly, Joe favors music that tells a story. “I think the great power of music is evident when an instrumental track paints a clear picture of its title.” That belief has lead Joe to discover and experiment with all styles of dance music. As an engineer Joe has been responsible for mixing hundreds of projects in his hometown of Miami, FL for acts in every genre of music. His greatest achievement, however, was his work on the Bacilos 4-time Grammy Award winning album entitled Caraluna ,where he received credits as an engineer and guest guitarist and was recognized by the Grammys Recording Academy. Today, Joe is working to produce house and progressive tracks, some of which are already featured on Colombia’s own Taux Music and Department of Dance, a Miami-based club music label. He has been responsible for all the work under the Sonic Sorcery and Mix Possession monikers, having put out various remixes. He is also responsible for many co-productions including a remix of the 1985 hit “They Say its Gonna Rain” by Hazell Dean, which was featured on the mix compilation Queer for the Ear Vol. 2. Currently, Joe is furthering projects with other artists around the world. In his spare time, Joe also provides freelance production, mixing and mastering services at his own Immersion Studios in Miami, FL., but his main goal still remains to grow as a successful producer of quality dance music.

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