JetBlacq is an elegant jazz cabaret group based in the San Francisco bay area who deliver energetic, clever and intimate supper club song stylings. Featured vocalists, Rebecca Faiola and Frank Faiola (also on sax and flute), are accompanied by bay area musicians Brian Cooke(piano), Fred Randolph (bass) and Jack Dorsey (drums). We add other instrumentalists to create a larger sound when needed. You tell us what you want. With a theatrical background, Rebecca lends more than most to every performance! The marital banter between Rebecca and Frank on stage is just hysterical! Always a fun and uplighting show!
JetBlacq is comprised of very talented musicians, includes two lead vocalists, alto saxophone, pianist, upright bass and percussion. From sophisticated Sinatra parties performing recognizable classics from the American songbook, jazz, rock, swing, country, soul, Latin and pop –JetBlacq does it all! Print StopThey are a “show” not background music. JetBlacq theme parties include Sinatra, Rat Pack, 007 and Hot Havana Nights! JetBlacq performs in clubs and at parties,concerts, weddings, fundraisers, large corporate and social events.
Rebecca, originally from Dallas Texas, began performing at a very young age. Her talents include clarinet, choir, theater, musical comedy, opera, sketch comedy, acting on stage, in films and singing jazz. She delights in making audiences feel happy, reflective, and intrigued! Watch for her fun costumes too with “schtick” that’s hilarious and the joking with her real-life husband is fun too! Rebecca has been involved in the cabaret scene in SF (during the Fanny’s days), enjoyed a successful multi-year run atop SF Nob Hill winning the Cabaret Gold Award appearing in “Nashional Anthem” and has performed locally in bands and shows for years. She was the hysterical “Ghost of Christmas Present” for five years in the east bay.
Frank, originally from Niagara Falls New York, is a trained instrumentalist and Sinatra-esque singer with his own distinct style and sound! Enjoy his renderings of old favorites and vocal gymnastics as he endeavors to sing those more obscure lyrical tunes. Having performed in bands on both the east and west coasts, Frank brings to the stage his Italian mobster personality but he’s much more fun! Frank’s talent on alto sax is astounding and soulful!

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