Jen Rose


Jen Rose has 18 years of professional experience as a Music Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Composer, and Recording Artist. She is classically trained in Opera and Vocal Performance from Florida State University and has traveled all over the world sharing her music and message of love. She inspires and uplifts others, bringing out their best while maintaining a level of professionalism and leadership. She has owned, produced, and engineered in several music studios in Atlanta, GA and Miami Beach, FL and currently has her own home pro-audio studio in Boca Raton, FL and uses Logic Pro X and Ableton Live as her preferred DAWS. She is also a gifted multi-instrumentalist recording live Native American Flutes, Indian Bansuri, Acoustic Guitars, Violin, Piano, Singing Bowls and Shamanic instruments in her tracks, beats and compositions. She is also known for tuning her music to fibonacci codes and frequencies to deepen the healing experience. Jen Rose is very selective with her artists and only works with high-vibrational and conscious musicians, singers, poets, producers & artists. Over the years she has recorded with, performed and been mentored by artists: OutKast, Prince, BT, Killer Mike, Celine Dion, Chamillionare, Russill Paul and Silvia Nakkaach.

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