Jack Thweatt

The Capital Athletic Club

Jack ThweattEngaging people through music and songwriting is Jack Thweatt’s goal in life. Whether performing songs about his life or leading worship for his church, Jack loves the opportunity to share music and it’s gifts with people from all walks of life and in all settings. He has always found encouragement in the lyrics of other writers and hopes that, as he writes about his own life, listeners will be encouraged by his stories of love, hope, and where he finds peace. With the release of his debut record “You Take Me Back”, Jack aims to share all Jack Thweattaspects of his journey. From searching for love in “I’m Not Ready” to recognizing that the peace he has can only be found in “Grace”, Jack draws you deeper into the beauty of life through catchy melodies and honest lyrics. Over the last few years, Jack has also received many opportunities to lead worship all over the United States. Recently he has enjoyed leading for Stumo Conference in Oklahoma City, Pine Cove Camps, and Breakaway Ministries.

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