Heather Jowett


I’m Heather and I’m a Michigan-based wedding photographer. I love my husband, my 160 year old Michigan home (leaky roof and all), my two dogs, Harry Potter (arguably too much), eating (also arguably too much), travel (bye bye money) and a good laugh (oh laughter, I love you most of all). I’m lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel the globe because of this work, from photographing weddings as far away as New Zealand to speaking at conferences in Rome and the UK, so while I call Michigan home, suffice it to say that if you’re getting married anywhere on Planet Earth, I’m in (dream destinations: The Moon, Wakanda, and also Scotland I guess). I’m really bad at boasting about my accomplishments but my Aunt would want me to tell all of you that I was named one of the Best Wedding Photographers in the country this year by Brides Magazine. It was pretty neat. If you’d like to know more about why I create the work I create you can read this post titled “The Why”. To see some random photographs of my life, my travels, my family, and most importantly MY DOGS, scroll on through to the right. All the above images of me are by Caroline Ghetes. Photo credits to the right include Nessa Kessinger, Gabe Aceves, Nordica, my iPhone, my husband, and me.

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