Hank Taylor


Hank Taylor began his musical inclinations at 9 years of age. Indeed…1st a violinist, then percussion caught his eye, and finally settling on the piano. Yes the guitar was there off and on (who doesn’t want to swing a rock and roll axe?), but the piano was here to stay. Mandated by his parents that lessons would be forthcoming for 1 year. A piano it seems was too expensive for just one of two children and big sister wanted the lessons, not Hank. And so it began. Begging the piano instructor for something that grooved, said instructor “Sid” explained that 20 minutes of basics would allow 10 minutes of boogie woogie lessons. Hank agreed. After the mandated year of lessons, he was hooked.
And so the long arduous trail of his wonderful musicianship began. High school choir, musicals, garage bands, finally an early admissions student in the music dept. of HBU under the tutelage of the illustrious Dr. Jerry P. Ford, an instructor who saw potential on the stage and urged Hank to pursue it without looking back. Married to the same wonderful lady since 1986 and parenting 2 stunningly attractive and bright children, Hank Taylor stays incredibly grounded.

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