Glenn Marlowe

I have been an artist for almost 40 years. In the beginning, I focused on painting, drawing and pastel work. After painting in a dramatic impasto style, I found sculpture a natural transition, and have been sculpting since 1980. I work towards controlling and manipulating form. Anatomy classes at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital enabled me to learn the true spirit of the human form. The biomechanics of muscle and bone continue to influence my work, instilling a sense of dynamic motion in my sculpture.
I model the structural elements of my pieces after the Renaissance artists Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini. Studying the work of these masters-in situ- has greatly impacted the development of my sculptural style. I carved marble for many years, and had great success working in that medium. Today, I use clay to model my work, while casting in hydrocal and working the surface to appear as marble. All the works shown can be recast in bronze or cement (for outdoor display). The size of my sculptures ranges between miniatures (maquette) and over-life size. My work varies from head or bust portraits to torsos to full length forms, always in the figurative style.
As a Life Member at New York’s Art Students League, I have worked with many well known artists who have mentored me through the years, as I mentor others in return.
During the last ten years, I have had solo exhibits in the New York vicinity, and continue to show my work in Gramercy Park and Chelsea galleries. My work has been awarded in juried competitions, including Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, The Salmagundi Club and Audubon Artists.
Currently I work in my studio in Long Island City where I also created my own Gallery to exhibit my work. Born in New York in 1947, I live with my wife Judy in Manhattan, barely a block away from Central Park and Lincoln Center. Using an approach that combines academics with dimensional creativity, I teach math to accelerated kids, grades 4 through 12, in the New York City School System. In [2005], I was invited to present a “workshop for teachers” at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC

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