Five To Midnight

Five To Midnight formed in late 2010, and have become a large presence in the local pop punk music scene in Kansas City, Missouri. Having played shows throughout Missouri and Kansas, they’ve won several competitions, and have been hired to perform with national acts like Hawthorne Heights, Every Avenue, Go Radio, and The Dangerous Summer. They have been featured in Forkster’s Daily Band Review and PopVulture Magazine, and have had several singles played on radio stations, including 96.5 The Buzz. Most recently, they’ve been included in two charity compilation albums, one to support cancer awareness, and the other to support wounded veterans. They have been #1 on the Alternative charts for Kansas City on Reverbnation. Kevin Ploth and Nick Newcomer met in a high school creative writing class, and became instant friends. Kevin met Nick’s brother, Grant Newcomer, during Homecoming week when the students could dress up in costumes. Kevin dressed as M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, while Grant dressed as Synyster Gates. Sharing a common love for music, they all formed a cover band, and had their first public performance at their prom. Following graduation, Kevin, Nick, and Grant went their separate ways to attend college. Nick and Grant went on to form his own band, The B Team, while Kevin cofounded Five To Midnight with Matthew and Alex Lee. Both bands pursued similar musical interests, and performed together on several occasions.Matthew and Alex grew up with backgrounds in music, and formed their band, Flypaper, in high school. Although they were limited to school talent shows and house parties, Flypaper inspired them to continue their musical endeavors. Kevin and Matthew met in 2010 at college after Matthew responded to a flyer that Kevin had posted, looking for musicians to form a band with. Matthew introduced his brother, Alex, to the group, and Five To Midnight was born.
In late 2013, Nick Newcomer officially joined Five to Midnight to help finish their first full length album, “Five To Midnight”. This album showcased their writing abilities, and ability to create a variety of sound, which they would expand upon in their future project. Later that summer, they released an EP entitled, “To Leave Your Mark”. They decided to push the barriers of pop punk music, and further develop their own unique sound. It didn’t matter what genre of music it fell under as long as it was original and well written. Both projects are very emotional, with deep and meaningful lyrics, and an accompaniment that brings each song to life. When Matt’s brother Alex moved to Texas, Grant joined in 2014. Five To Midnight adapts and changes constantly, but always maintains high standards for their music, performance, and fans. They are always growing, and challenging themselves to create something better than before. They are a band with a ton of heart, a passionate love for music, and a strong work ethic. That’s what makes Five To Midnight so unique, and a band worth following.

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