Ely Holguin

Ely HolguinEly Holguin, new talent of Dominican descent, born on July 11, in the state of New York, United States. Ely managed to perform in the art world from an early age, showing all around her, a passion for music and skills in the art of music. Ely was part of the church choir, has been the face of different institutions and participated in various Talents Shows. In 2002 she participated in the Intercollegiate voice festivals. After a long journey, She completed her secondary education at George Washington High School, Queen of the Dominican parade. Thanks to this, she was invited by the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic, as commendable talent in this country. Following her studies she graduated as a nutritionist from Bronx Community College. This young talent continued heading in the art world and chasing her dreams. Thanks to her talent and perseverance achieved the opportunity to participate in Nex4 The Casting Show and gets through the first and second rounds, demonstrating the great potential that this young person has, presently the company COOKIE’S EMPIRE, INC. International market launched the first production of Ely Holguin titled “REFLECTION” with her promotional single ‘Everytime We Touch” Ely Holguin is currently supporting her second musical cut “Si eEstoy Loca” which is playing at different stations in Dominican Rep. , United States and Puerto Rico, where she recently performed an extensive promotional tour and sang the song “Si Estoy Loca” has video clip directed by Emmy Award winner Luis Cabrera and produced by Cesart Creative, inc for the company Cookies Empire, inc. in the present she is performing a series of shows in the United States with her band. Ely Holguin will Soon be in Dominican Republic and again in Puerto Rico promoting her music on a media tour called “The image of Bachata” Ely is studying piano and singing in the school ‘Harbor conservatory’ in the city new york. The general concept of this production is by Ely Holguin & Sabrina Polanco.

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