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Chris’ Pacileo began playing guitar in high school with the hopes of joining a friends’ band. For several years he stuck to playing rhythm guitar, until he purchased his first acoustic guitar to call his own. From there, around his senior year of high school, he began writing his own music. The first time he was given the opportunity to perform on his own, he forgot every single word… he took an optimistic approach to the humiliating event, and instead of letting it deter him from playing music, he looked at it as a sign that things could only go up from there. Chris’ next chapter in his musical exploration began at UConn where he attended college, studying Chemical Engineering. Here, he decided to join an A Capella group where he developed an appreciation for creative harmonies. He was still writing and performing on his own, but through his harmonious experience in the A Capella group, he decided he wanted to add an additional voice to his music. After graduation, Chris’ moved to Boston to begin working full time. With the desire for another vocalist still in mind, he found Madeline Roznos.
Madeline Roznos started singing at the ripe-old age of 5 to anyone who would listen – in grocery stores, on the playground, and at every family gathering. This led her to many years spent in music classrooms throughout her childhood, and into high school. She dabbled in other instruments as well, including piano, ukulele, and violin, but her vocal chords were always her instrument of choice. Madeline attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (born and raised a cheese-head), where she took music classes such as theory, aural skills, and opera performance. She also partook in an assortment of choirs and musicals. In her spare time, she DASsang in a rock band, performing at various bars within the area. Upon graduation, Madeline moved to Massachusetts to pursue a career in special education. It was within this move that she met Christopher, a man in need of a female voice. Keeping Company is the product of an accidental online meeting through Craigslist.
Chris’ had worked with another vocalist in college, writing the majority of his music to fit two voices. When he moved to Boston after school, the person he had collaborated with did not go with him, leaving him in need of another vocalist. Madeline had just moved to Massachusetts from Wisconsin, and was in need of furniture for her new apartment. When she went on Craigslist searching for the perfect bedside lamp, she decided to peruse the wanted section for musicians.
Low and behold, Chris’ post was the first one she saw – “Needed: Female Vocalist”. Chris’ and Madeline immediately hit it off on a musical level, and from the wonders of Craigslist Keeping Company was born.

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