Celia Berry

Celia BerryMy interest in mosaic art was sparked while exploring the works of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, Spain. Although my BFA from the University of Kansas is in Textile Design, I’ve discovered many similarities in the two disciplines that appeal to me. Both involve vibrant colors, intense detail, and a meticulous nature. In fact, global textile arts, such as Moroccan rugs, Chinese embroidery, and Afghan hats, influence many of the patterns in my pieces. I also draw inspiration from sources as varied as the dreamlikeCelia Berry images of Chagall, Roman portraiture, or perhaps a tropical tree frog. Traveling to Italy from my home in Austin, Texas and attending the Mosaic School in Ravenna both in 2002 and 2008 brought a new perspective to my work. In my contemporary mosaic, I use the same ancient technique and materials as traditional Byzantine mosaic, like small pieces of glass or smalti, subtle painterly shadings, formal patterning, and gold detail.

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