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Cecily Remy

Cecily was born to Ronald and Carole Remy in sunny Florida. Her father was a trained vocal trainer and trained opera singer from Boston Mass and her mother a ballet dancer. Cecily quickly grew interested in music at the young age of two and loved to listen to father sing arias around the house. By the time Cecily was five, she was in a couple of solo productions at school, however, it wasn’t until her 20’s that she began collaborating with some of the local singer/songwriters in hopes of making an album. At the young age of 16, Cecily had her first daughter. Determined to finish school, she waitressed and attended to her regular high school curriculum in her high school. Upon graduation, in 1995, Cecily continued her education and took odd jobs, such as a nanny position, which helped to pay for college and maintain her apartment. In 1998, she graduated from Mt. Ida school, outside of Boston, and continued to support her daughter as a single parents.
Some years passed before she made her original music, however, in 2013 she moved to Houston, Texas and met producers Douglas Wright and Thad Berry. Musical influences include Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, to name a few.

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