Cate Clark

I have been making art in one form or another since, well, forever. I was 5 years old when my Grandmother taught me to use a sewing machine. It was all about Barbie clothes! Interests evolved toward texture and form, pattern-making, cloth sculpture and paper-mache. Private art lessons, awards and more private art lessons. My interests eventually came to ceramics, and more recently, glass and mosaic assemblage. Family meals gathered at the coffee table, as the kitchen table was busy with sewing and art projects. Our entire family made art. The fact that our 5 year old daughter could be trusted with an Exact-o knife was my favorite Mom-brag! In 1994 I co-built a 1000sq ft passive solar, thermal mass home, my most extensive sculptural project to date. We gleaned details of how to do this from Earthship books by Michael Reynolds. Structural walls were sculpted from a base of rammed earth packed inside spent automobile tires. Wall details were sculpted from insulation board and aluminum cans and found objects. I learned to appreciate cement and plaster and went on to produce a body of much smaller work using these materials, the subjects and themes inspired by new-found interest in Carl Jung and dream work. From 1999 through 2002, I was a community student at the Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts in Helena, Montana. Here, I experienced atmospheric firing methods and sampled a smorgasbord of surfacing techniques. I brought this love for ceramics back home to New Mexico, the land of sparkling micaceous clay. Working the wet clay, white micaceous feels smooth as talc while the red has more tooth and even feels a bit sticky. Both fire strong and beautiful with silver-gold metallic flecks throughout the unglazed, burnished clay body. In 2007 I joined a group of local art activists to work on a mosaic project at the Placitas Recycling Center. The Project intends to bring awareness to Wildlife Corridors and the native animals with whom we share this high arid desert landscape. My involvement with this community project grew into a serious passion for mosaic art. Mosaic work brought new direction to my ceramic work. I began to design, sculpt and paint high fired ceramic art tiles. In January, 2014, I fired up a new-used glass kiln for the first time. Now it’s running more often than not. Glass is a new media for me, and I’ve jumped in with both feet. I carve original design glass-casting molds from clay in order to create cabochon tiles that imitate the fauna and flora of land, sea and air! Like a 3D collage, a mixed media assemblage encased in grout, Mosaic offers flowing patterns of color and texture. Close up, Mosaic is a collection of unrelated parts of bits and pieces. Take a few steps back and see something new and whole. I love the processes of recycle, re-purpose and renew. Mosaic can satisfy these concepts for me. In 2014 I opened an online store on Etsy. This is where you can find both my latest artwork and current availability of both Ceramic Art Tiles and Glass Cabochon Tiles.

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