Branded is a Folsom, CA based Country Party Band with an emphasis on stage performance and song variety. With songs ranging from John Michael Montgomery and Garth Brooks, to Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, Branded has something for everyone and is dedicated to being the “soundtrack to your good time”.
Zac remembers as a kid watching tv and the “Backstreet Boys” where on. Girls had signs with “Marry Me!!” or “I love you!” and the stadium filled with girls were making hearts with their hands, swaying to the music and he thought to himself…That’s what he wants to do! He needs to figure out how to do that.
He didn’t know how or when, but he knew he wanted to be in a band and he wanted to performer. Throughout junior high and high school, he was in a couple punk/rock bands. He took a break from being in a band in 2005 when he enlisted in the United States Army. He served for 8 years and during that time he served 2 tours in Iraq. Operation Iraqi Freedom 05-06 and Operation New Dawn 09-10.
After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Army he decided he wanted to continue his pursuit in music. His main mission in music was to create the band/music that he would want to see/hear himself. People that come out to their shows could be going through a breakup, struggles at work or hard times at home.
His goal is to always put on the best performance possible and to help those people forget their problems and their worries for that night. He is stoked to be working with the boys in Branded.
They are a band with a common goal and that’s to put on a show! They refuse to be 4 guys that rolled out of bed and decided to jam for a few hours. They appreciate everyone that takes time from their day/evening to come see them and they will not disappoint.
Tony started his musical journey in high school when his mom bought him his first guitar for $45. He immediately began playing along with his Def Leppard and Metallica cassette tapes. He ended up in a beginning guitar class during his freshman year but was not really into the music being taught. Thankfully, he met up with some friends who were in a band. Only the thing was, they were looking for a bass player.
He had never played bass before but figured it couldn’t hurt to try. He joined up and quickly learned how to rock out. As time went on, he played with numerous other bands on bass, guitar and eventually drums. Playing music that ranges from punk and metal to rock and country has given him a lot of valuable insight. Being able to go between genres was challenging at first, but after a while it got a lot easier and had made him a more diverse musician and person. After playing drums in various cover bands in the Sacramento area and playing guitar with Branded, he is very excited to be back on drums, especially with such talented and skilled musicians. Having fun on stage is something that seems to come naturally to this group of guys, and he is looking forward to being a part of one of the region’s best bands.
(Lead Guitar)
Like many guitar players before him, Jesse began his musical journey after being swooned by Eddie’s solo on the Van Halen Live Without a Net DVD. He was introduced to music mainly by his father in which he supplied a healthy diet of Def Leppard, Rush, and Van Halen. He started playing guitar in the 6th grade and took group lessons from my school teacher. While he was in high school he played guitar, bass, and drums in punk bands and metal bands before finally graduating and playing country and funk. As life has gone on, he has become more in touch with the melodic side of life. Bands like Kings of Leon, Snarky Puppy, and Kendrick Lamar to name a few have seeped into his playing. He continues to love playing music because he sees how much it affects people. Playing one riff and watching people’s face light up and their whole body start to move is one of the greatest feelings he’s ever experienced. He is humbled to be an addition to one of the best rockin’ country bands in the area. This group of guys knows how to put on a show and sound fantastic doing it.
(Sound Engineer/Manager)
When Phil thinks back at the first time he was introduced to music, he thinks of the nights when his dad would come home from work and watch “Hee Haw” on Tv. He would sit there and enjoy all the musical acts. Then during High School Phil was into the 80’s scene.
As an Adult, his love for music has expanded to all genres with Country Music being his favorite. Some friends of mine from work were starting this Firefighter Band to play at charity events. He would go over to watch them practice, and one day, they asked him “hey would you like to play keyboards for us”? He’s the type of person that would never let an opportunity or a challenge pass him by. He took piano lessons for 4 years, played in that band, and ran the sound board. His passion was never really with the keyboard. Running the sound board and mixing the music was where my heart was. That band has split up and they all went their seperate ways. Now fast forword to now.. a few former band members started telling him stories of how good Branded is.. He would talk about their future and how far they can go. He asked Phil if he would come out to one of the practices and run the sound board for them. Not knowing that was his “interview” with the band. Phil ran the board that night and he was happy to hear the music that they were playing. After that night they sat him down and asked him to join the band. He was so excited that he doesn’t even remember the drive home .
To have the opportunity to be in a band that has so much talent was the greatest feeling! He has the best seat in the house at all the shows, he gets to mix the music, and he gets to hang out with 5 very talented musicians. He hopes to see you all at their shows. These guys can really rock the house and keep that dance floor filled.

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