Bob Murrell

Bob Murrell is a comedian, actor, improviser, and writer from New Orleans. Since 2009, Bob has performed standup around the country. He has also hosted a variety of shows at festivals, including the Ha Ha Hackathon (24 hour comedy/software hackathon). His debut album Hey, It’s Bob was released April 20, 2018. Bob is a producer of several shows in New Orleans, including Modern Vaudeville, Big Easy Live, and TV Pitchers. Bob is a cast member of Big Easy Live, Brown Improv (the longest running improv in Louisiana), and Drunktoons (live cartoon sketch comedy). Bob has also written plays and sketches that have been featured in Skinhorse Theater’s 24 Hour Fest, Southern Rep’s 6×6, and You Don’t Know the Half of It. He wrote and performs a one-man show A History of Comedy, which premiered in 2015. Bob is a contributor to the Neutral Ground News and Massive Fraud. He is also a player for The Rip-off Show.

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