Bethany Moses

Bethany MosesBethany has been studying classical violin for over 20 years and has earned both her bachelors and masters degrees in violin performance. She is a sought after freelancer in the metro-Detroit area and a passionate educator of approximately 25 violin students, both the young and young at heart. Bethany primarily works for her Chamber Music business, Metro Detroit Strings, but has worked as a violinist with Michigan Opera Theatre Orchestra, Michigan Philharmonic, & Dearborn Symphony. Though classical music is her focus, Bethany has collaborated with artists across many musical genres. In 2011, she traveled to Torino, Italy’s Guiseppe Verdi Music Conservatory to perform Irish-inspired jazz music alongside Detroit Jazz Saxophonist and Flutist, Chris Collins and the conservatory students. She has dabbled in bluegrass violin, and considers it her “first love” musically speaking. Together these characteristics create a violinist who is comfortable in both traditional and non-traditional settings. She is undoubtedly a great addition to your wedding, special occasion, or other musical event.

Additionally, Bethany has taught private violin lessons since 2007. She previously taught at Orion Music Studio in Lake Orion, MI for 8 years, and currently teaches at Moses Violin Studio in Westland & Canton, MI. Her integrative teaching style features three elements: a scale or other technical exercise, a primary piece, and music theory instruction. Younger students are encouraged to keep practicing through a system points, prizes, or special challenges. Students are given a regular diet of standard classical repertoire, scales, and etudes, but students may pick a popular piece to work on (i.e. Christmas piece, fiddle tune, or other popular song) when it is fitting. Each year, Bethany schedules two student recitals and a masterclass during which students are able to showcase what they’ve learned. Many of her students play in youth orchestras (Michigan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra), Solo and Ensemble, MACS Fine Arts Competitions, and attend Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and Orion Chamber Music Society String Camp during the Summer . Bethany desires to meet the specific needs of each student. Some students may desire advanced instruction in the refined art of classical violin with a goal toward a professional career in music. Other students may take violin as a creative outlet, in order to relax and “get away from the world.” Bethany strives to meet the needs of both types of students (and anyone in between) through offering professional instruction in a comfortable environment. ?
Bethany started off her musical journey like the average child. At seven years of age, she begged her parents for a blue violin. She had just seen a televised performance of Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance” and was mesmerized by the Irish step-dancing fiddlers (with blue violins). After multiple violin-related conversations with mom and dad, mom and dad caved (it took a while). Bethany’s first violin wasn’t blue, but at least the case was! She remembers fondly her first violin teacher, the legendary Mr. Leonard Holliday. He was a gruff, Everpureyet kind teacher, and inspired Bethany to love classical music and the technical side of violin playing (if you close your eyes you can see an elderly man with a shock of grey hair, waiving his bow wildly, screaming–in the kindest way possible–“Bethany!!! Play in TUUUNE!”) There were always tears of frustration and thoughts of quitting, but an inspirational teacher and resolved parents made a fickle little child grow up into a violinist and teacher. Bethany lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband, Mike and dog, Buddy. Since graduating with her Master’s Degree in Violin Performance back in 2012, Bethany has enjoyed traveling with her husband. Together they have been to Mexico, Italy, Norway, and DR Congo. They enjoy traveling within the USA, and most recently enjoyed a road trip from Michigan all the way to California! At home, Bethany is far from the typical “refined Classical musician.’ Hiking, Crossfit, long distance running, tree climbing, and horseback riding are just a few of the adventurous actives she enjoys. Bethany feels most at home when listening to Bluegrass/Folk music (Tim O’Brien, Crooked Still, Allison Krauss & Union Station, to name a few), and improvising in that style. Bethany loves her church family at Harvest Bible Church, and enjoys serving God through the church Music Team and teaching young college-aged women.

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