Angie Denise Gooden

Angie Denise Gooden

Angie Denise Gooden is a versatile, talented & sought-after vocalist. She performs for many public & private events such as weddings, concerts & church celebrations. She believes singing is her true gift that God has blessed her with. And with prayer, practice & determination, her best is yet to come.
Angie got her start singing at an early age. Her singing talent was discovered by her mother at the age of four. While the two of them were on a road trip, a storm began to brew. As Angie looked out of the window, she began to sing, “The Storm is Passing Over”. Her mother had no idea she had such a little songbird in her presence. Shortly thereafter, she began sing in her local church. As she grew older, more & more singing opportunities came her way. She traveled extensively with her high school & college choir to destinations such as New Orleans, Hawaii, Europe, China & Hong Kong. While in college, she received various competition awards & achievements for her singing ability like, “Who’s Who in American Music”. She also painted a portrait of the world renowned opera singer, Leontyne Price and presented it to her as a gift and graciously given an invitation to visit Ms. Price if she were to ever travel to New York. Angie has also performed with well-known artists such as Kirk Franklin, Ron Kenoly, Negleatha Johnson, Willie Sharp & others. Angie’s singing styles run the gamut. Some examples are Gospel, R&B, Pop, Jazz & Blues. Angie’s music experience has also crossed over into theater, where she has used her acting & singing ability to perform in her local community from high school until the present.
Angie currently resides in the Houston metropolitan area with her son, Jonathan and husband Cleveland. She works for a Houston sign company as the lead graphic artist. She currently resides in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area with her son, Jonathan and husband Cleveland. She is also a lead vocalist at Triumph the Champion Center in Richmond, TX. She is available for booking.

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