Andrew & Charissa

Andrew and Charissa are a photography duo that was born out of the discovery that life is better together. They believe that life is worth celebrating, enjoying, and savoring all of the richest moments with the ones they love. They believe that marriage is about partnership, committed support, and doing life with your best friend at your side.
That’s why they’ve committed themselves to capturing your sweetest moments, to making your memories count so that you can always look back on that one image of your bride walking down the altar and that tear you almost shed is fresh in your memory. Their desire is to share with you from the abundance of love we have been given.
When you first meet Charissa you will probably be swept up in her delightful loveliness (like she secretly was). As one who works to capture the best natural light on her subjects’ faces, she has an innate ability to cast a personal “joy light” that radiates from inside her and brightens those around her. But if you get to know her a little better, you’ll find a deeper undertone of a fierce passion for people and living life to the fullest.
Andrew is one of those amazingly unique people who can balance being creative and technical at the same time. He can look for the rare angle, the new pose, yet be challenging himself to perfect flash lighting and wants to know what exactly “that” button does and how. You can get him to geek out on you on anything physics related, and yet he’s always ready to share encouraging insights, new ideas, and fresh perspective. He thinks he’s great.

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