Anat Ronen

Starting my art career from scratch and with no formal education, later in life, means my perspective and views come from those of a “normal”, “average” person, a simple, hardworking, unnoticed human. Life was never too easy for me, ups and downs, losses and gains, happiness and sorrow. When I did come to discover that there’s more to me than just being, that creating was a part of who I am, it was like a volcano started to erupt and never stops. At the beginning of my now 10-year career I did strictly commission work, projects dictated entirely by my clients. I had very little say, although in retrospective it shows that I did use my life wisdom I gained thus far to make my decisions and suggest my designs.
In 2013, an invite to paint a mural for a museum exhibit changed all that, and made me much more aware of what’s in me, how I want to use it, and follow my true passion: urban art. Art for the people. Anywhere and everywhere. It made me want to break the rules, experiment, test the boundaries only to disregard them. Every project teaches me something new – about art, about people, about myself. Every project takes me to a new adventure, to new discoveries. Every mural, every piece of art I produce stays in me, but also takes away a part of my soul. My artistic metamorphosis is now complete in a sense that I cannot see myself as anything else. I have become my art.

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