Aina Cook

Aina CookAina Cook’s musical talents were discovered at the age of thirteen in Madagascar when she was awarded first place in the debut of the national singing competition Pazzapa. She immediately went on to record her first album “Aina” in 2004 and began touring occasionally while balancing school. Her first single “Fo Natolotro” quickly reached number one in the polls and instantly propelled her to national stardom. After Aina entered high school she expanded her musical career by increasing her tour schedule and venue size while adding international dates to Europe. During this time she also released her second album “Tsy Hanam-pahataperana” which translates to “never-ending”. Aina’s hit single “Tantara Taloha” quickly reached #1 on the national charts again where it stayed for weeks subsequently winning her “Female Vocalist of the Year” at the RDJ music awards and “Music Video of the Year” from the RTA music awards. After high school, Aina moved to the United States to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia and began working and recording with Loyd Warden of Percussion Logic. She has written and sang with various ensembles including Chickawa and Dig-nitty and led a band Kondryawith her Father and Brother called AKA Voodoo Woman.
Recently, Aina has moved to St. Louis and is quickly breaking into the musical community as a Vocal Instructor at School of Rock-Kirkwood. She is regularly featured with bands like Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm band, Jane Doe Revue, and Sean Canan’s Voodoo Players. This year Aina released an EP with her new group The Aina Cook Band entitled “Brand New Knife” and is in production on her third full-length album. In October 2017, she will be joined by St. Louis Jazz trumpeter Kyle Allen in Madagascar and will be headlining the second edition of the Nosy Be Jazz Festival as well as playing other commitments in France.

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