Adrienn Ihasz

Adrienn IhaszMy name is Adrienn Ihasz. I became interested in beauty and makeup from early age. I remember I was about 9 years old when I became aware of ladies wearing makeup and they look different then. Later as a true Libra, I was attracted everything beauty related: Fashion, magazines, photography, makeup, hair. I was born in Budapest, Hungary. it has been a popular filming location from the 90s. In 1996 a movie “Evita” was filmed in budapest, starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas. I was a huge Madonna fan at that time so I decided to sign up as an extra in the film. Not only I could watch Madonna and Banderas acting from close but I also loved to observe makeup artists on set.
All the lights, chairs and of course makeup! i found myself in a makeup chair doing TV commercials for companies like Coca Cola, Wrigley’s and T-Mobile. I have met many talented makeup artists and was fascinated about the transformation they did with makeup. After my son was born I decided to follow myAdrienn Ihasz dreams. I wanted to create every day something new, something special – and to make people happy! I took the step to learn more about professional makeup and I am so happy I did.
I attended Fashion Art Makeup School in Budapest and learnt from Linda Simkó. I moved to Southern California and signed up at Cosmo Makeup Academy to learned more about professional makeup application and the industry. Later I attended the Master class in los angeles with Kim Kardashian and her Makeup Artist, Mario Dedivanovic to learn his techniques, how he does Kim’s flawless makeup. We moved to Austin more than a year ago and I love all the opportunities I found here.

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