Aaron Mendoza

Aaron MendozaAaron Mendoza was born in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico on September 6 of 1994, actually he is living in El Paso, Texas, USA. Aaron Mendoza is a piano player and composer and started playing piano since he was 6 years old. Now he has composed pieces of music for piano, which also include strings instruments as cellos and violins, and his main purpose is to transmit positive emotions such as peace, freedom and hope around the world. Aaron started to show interest about learning piano since the first time he saw one, in his uncle’s house when he was only 4 years old, it was a big concert piano, and he just loved the way it looked, so later his grandma noticed about it, and bought him a little keyboard to start some piano lessons with a private teacher. The time passed and he was enjoying his piano lessons, Rogelio Acosta was the name of his piano instructor, also born in Mexico, he taught him for 5 years, but then he decided to continue on his own, so he spent most of the time practicing classical music, mostly from Chopin or Liszt. He found his passion in the sound of the piano’s keys, and enjoy a lot everytime people listen to him. When he was 15, Aaron started playing in some places of Juarez, because that was the only way that he liked to do to earn money. He didn’t want to work on anything else, because he believes in the old saying: “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” So he kept it in mind. When he was 16 years old, he became the piano player of a TV program called “Esta Noche con Natalia Baeza”, It was a local program transmited in Juarez, El Paso and Las Cruces, he worked in there for three years. In the same year he met Raul Di Blasio, and he had the opportunity to play with him. At the same time he used to appear at a Radio Program also from Juarez, directed by Julio Monzalvo. When he was 21, he moved to El Paso Texas, and he felt the necessity to create his own music, so he started creating at first, songs, and then piano themes with scores for orchestra as well. Actually he went to the auditions in Austin of America’s Got Talent, where he performed one of his best compositions. Aaron Mendoza is so pasionate with the beauty of life, he likes to climb up mountains, admire all kind of nature, lakes, views etc. that always makes him feel blessed and he just wants to transmit it with his piano. He thinks that is what sets him apart from everyone else, when he plays with all his heart, with all his soul, he can make a connection with the audience, and everyone can notice it, he really love to make music, and one of his goals is to transmit that emotions in front of thousands of people, so his music can be heard by millions all over the world and inspire them. In this moment he is preparing new music, and he already released his first album called: A New Beginning! It is now available on itunes, amazon, spotify, and many other digital stores. So don’t wait to get it!! You can contact him as well if you want him to play in your local city. “Not everything is lost, there’s hope in the world, there’s good people, there’s an amazing nature. Every one of us has a mission in life, but we need to find it! as soon as possible!! the earliest we find it, the more time we have to enjoy our own life!”

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