The Noms

The NomsThe Noms are a 6-member group from Albuquerque, N.M. They are not your typical “rock” band. They do not follow the trends of the moment. Instead, they experiment to find their own sound. That sound starts with rich vocal harmonies, blending the distinctive voices of our three singers. From there, anything goes: guitar, piano, bass, drums, piano, banjo-whatever the song needs, they use. Since their start in the summer of 2009, they have been able to bring lots of great fans into their orbit. In one show they try to take their audience through a variety of emotions. They go from stirring deep emotions, and maybe some tears, to bringing the house down with wild, free-spirited dancing. But the true blood of each song is expressing who they are as individuals and fusing their distinct personalities into a single sound. Their influences range from Dave Matthews Band, Sara Bareilles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Michelle Branch. But the most important things that drive them are their three loves: they love music; they love each other; and they love their fans. With exploding popularity, they have performed all over the Southwest. They rocked the famous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip, where they got to meet guitarist and legend Slash. They were also able to jam with Dave Matthews Band Member, Boyd Tinsley when they played at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. They have been featured on Albuquerque radio stations. In short, they’re living the dream. They’ve been numerous places, but their favorite shows are always to their hometown fans. There is no separation, no wall between audience and performance. Friend, fan, mom, passerby, bartender: everyone is a part of the music. For them, the best part of what they do is not just about sharing music; it’s about sharing happiness.

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