Stephen Siegrist

Stephen SiegristStephen Siegrist is a guitarist, bassist and songwriter in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Returning from London to San Francisco in 1977, Stephen was a founding member of the crazed Eye Protection, a fixture at San Francisco’s punk mecca the Mabuhay Gardens. Following the breakup of Eye Protection in the early 80s, Stephen founded The Sin Eaters and recorded and released the cult classic album “Linoleum Years”.
He toured the U.S. and Europe with Thin White Rope before landing in Albuquerque in 1995 where he co-founded The Surf Lords and The Messengers and played and recorded with the late reclusive ambient composer Ruben Garcia. Stephen was the founder, guitarist and songwriter of the late Chemical West and is currently jamming it with his bands Cry, Steve, Cry and Reverb Roadkill and doing the occasional solo show here and there. His own favorite band is The Kinks, loves English gardens, reverb, big waves, Lewis Carroll, the Blues, single malt Scotch and 1950s Big Bug movies. Dislikes hipsters, music created by machines, rock bands that don’t rock, overrated authors, text message speak and any and all forms of political correctness.

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