Ryan Smith

Ryan SmithRyan is a professional cello music. Guitarist and vocalist. He composes, improvises, and reads. His musical offerings include wedding ceremonies, entertainment, gatherings of all kinds, studio session playing, and lessons. He loves music and is free to travel to Santa Fe, or anywhere within 70 miles of Albuquerque. After finding love for making music through the cello, Ryan studied a few more instruments – from symphonic music to rock, blues, folk, and jazz. Finding joy in original and written music, he applies prior classical studies to all styles of music. He creates from emotion given form through an intellectual understanding of music. He has been studying and playing music for 25 years, including a bachelor’s degree in cello music from the University of New Mexico in 2003. Ryan is a multi-instrumentalist specializing and educated in cello playing in many styles. He mainly performs solo, both as a guitarist and vocalist and as a cellist. The cello is sometimes accompanied by vocals or pre-recorded custom made instrumental tracks.

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