Meg Munro

During the 30+years Meg lived and worked as an artist in Mexico, she painted subject matter as diverse as Mexico. Her art described the vibrant light and colors of Vallarta’s coast, mountains and tropical foliage. Travelling around interior Mexico and Guatemala she painted the bold colors of the people and their art. Mexico gave her the cultural freedom to take a different path. The social cultural she was raised in was far away and she was able to re-create herself and focus on art and develop as an artist. In 2016 she has moved physically away from Mexico. She feel she is bringing in her heart the life, love and freedom the people and the land gifted her with. She has worked with watercolor exclusively; it has been the medium through which she sees and interpret things. The transparency lends it self to showing the light. It is also friendly to her draw-er-ly way of expression. She was introduced to contour drawing as a teenager. This way of looking at things in their idiosyncracies/uniquenesses is probably the most descriptive sentence about her style. For many years describing the detail, harmony and patterns of things and their environment was compelling and satisfying. In this era of painting it was necessary to paint things as they were found and not change them. In the Bottles Series paintings she began to set up whole compositions. In the Butterfly Series she began to add a “fantastical” element. In the latest series “Apparitions” she is painting the relationship (as she understand it) of The Divine to Creation. This series feels like the sum of all her artwork at this time. When the first religious icon came out of its church context and into her painting she was amazed and fulfilled. It was a culminating moment of being able to create her own reality. Even further than choosing a subject and composing a composition now she is portraying unseen reality from a personal perspective, figuratively in the tradition of European Art. By tapping into the essence behind these frozen relics she is giving them the life they were created to represent before art was separated from Source during the Age of Reason. When her subjective experience no longer associates the image with religion’s history the creative spirit is truly Creative and Spirit. And Art is being created.

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