Keith Zudell

I believe any work of art has beauty when the elements of the composition achieve a harmonic and structural unity. I strive to accomplish this by the brush strokes that I uses in the creation of the painting. I am not striving for photo-realism. My aim is to paint what I see as accurately as I can, and also to communicate an atmosphere of color, light and a timeless feel. I use thick heavy brush strokes to give breath and movement to each painting. Light is used to guide the viewers eye to elements of the painting. Pointing them to selected objects so they may see the common in a new or distinctive way. My struggle as an artist is to always go further in this pursuit, to enriches my work with a look of understood reality but still have a ambiguous element. So that the viewer might envision more than a single interpretation, not just literal or realistic but metaphoric or abstract. Like all who might hold a brush in their hand, filled with color and promise, I simple want to create a reality that comes from nothing and takes the viewer somewhere, anywhere out of their normal everyday routine. Even if just for a moment, I want them to feel the color, light, and timelessness in my paintings. Will the viewer’s interpretations change as the light in the room affects the light and shadows in the piece? Will there be collectors of my work who never understand, but still are drawn to explore? Will people feel changed if only for a minute? I often work with thick and heavy brush strokes. I push the paint as much as brush the paint and try to breathe into and out of each moment as I work the surface canvas. Then, as I release my grasp on the brush and stand back, there is on rare occasions a brief and fleeting moment of not recognizing the canvas – as though someone else had just been holding that brush. When that happens, I know I am in that most creative state.

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