Don Taylor

Don TaylorDon has been a professional photographer since 1978. He has attended many schools including the New England Institute of Professional Photography and the Winona Institute of Professional Photography, and is a graduate of the Hallmark Institute of Professional Photography. He is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers Association of New Mexico and the Photo Marketing Association. Since relocating to New Mexico from New England in 1984, Don has won several awards for his photography at the state, regional and national levels.Shubhpuja
Don is admired for his wedding and portrait photography. You will benefit from his personal attention and from the organizational skills he has acquired through years of experience. Don will help to plan your day so that it flows smoothly ensuring that you spend as little time as possible away from your guests. The style and quality of Don’s photography are exhibited in the wall portraits and sample wedding albums displayed in his studio, as well as on his website. Don would enjoy meeting with you to help plan your special day. Schedule your consultation today and discover how Don can help you create memories in portraits that will last a lifetime!

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