Dominic Pettine

Dominic Pettine is a New Mexican acoustic pop singer songwriter. His performance brings movement to his sound as he joins his audience for a musical experience. Dominic Pettine blends stylings from Ray LaMontagne to Jack Johnson with subtle undertones of desert twang. Whether singing around the fire pit at summer BBQ’s or on stage, Dominic Pettine is connected to his music in a way that invites everyone around him to join the moment. Growing up a musician in church Dominic sees music as a gift and brings a sense of soul to his music. Music and Dominic have always been connected. After breaking almost all the bones in his body (more than once) with his first love, motocross, Dominic hung his helmet up and poured into his music. “Leaving motocross was leaving my identity. Music was as much a part of my healing as all the surgeries.” Dominic’s fan base is growing as are the venues Dominic plays. Dominic is currently recording an EP with producer Matthew Tobias at Empty House Studios. The EP will be released fall 2013. The first single, “Cold December” is available now! Momentum is building around Dominic’s music. “I know I am blessed people want my music to be a part of their lives. I share my music to be a blessing back.”

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