DK & The Affordable

Hailing from Los Alamos, NM, DK & The Affordables kick out a jiving, jumping variety of roots music that is intended to get you moving and inspire good will amongst the sexes. Gyrating, swinging bodies topped by smiling faces have accompanied many an Affordables show. Couple all of that with twangy guitar, a ripping rhythm section, greasy hair, and some pointy boots and you’ve got yourself a hootenanny of a good time! Drummer, upright bass player, guitarist, former hair band member turned hillbilly greaser. An eclectic blend would be the best way to describe D.K.’s musical history. Crossing paths with many musicians and fans of music over the years has provided him with a rather varied repertoire. Limited time in music school during his college years did little to provide him with the background that he was seeking. The biggest musical direction and influence truly came from Jim Bowie, a Buddhist banjo master originally from Oklahoma. Impromptu musical gatherings in a collection of antiquated mobile homes in the hills of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains were in some form classroom sessions for the master and student. D.K. has played with many artists and groups over the years but this is his first opportunity to front a band which has been a goal of his since coming to the realization that the front man hauls less gear.

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