DelphiaWhen trauma shatters the very fabric of one’s existence, and renders a once-prolific voice to go silent, all reason for living can seem mute. For one artist, such a silence ensued after a sexual assault by a fan-stalker, causing a ten-year spiral of depression and chronic pain. Ultimately, it was music that brought about healing, by confronting the trauma in song form. The reincarnation that ensued produced Delphia, a catharsis of emotion, relentless yet honest, telling her stories from behind a piano, and finding a soulful voice unlike any she had sung before. Ten years prior to being reborn, the singer-songwriter was successfully touring as a mainstay country-folk-rock musician in the New York/Philadelphia metropolitan area, going by her given name, and sharing the stage with the likes of Leon Russel, Wishbone Ash, and Melody Gardot. Amos Lee and Andrew Lipke have opened for her. Turning down a scholarship from Berklee College of Music seemed the natural choice for a musician on a fast upwards trajectory. Touring the Eastern United States allowed her to perform at some of the most iconic venues, South by Southwest, CBGB, Wildhorse Saloon, World Cafe Live, to name a few. HerKondrya music was a smash hit with national daytime television, getting twenty placements of her songs on ABC’s ‘All My Children,’ the fruits of which resulted in her producer and music director winning the 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Award in Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction And Composition For A Drama Series. In addition, she appeared in major advertisement’s such as Coca-Cola’s ‘Chill Top’ campaign. Naturally, a move to the country music capital of Nashville was the next logical step in progressing a career as a professional songwriter. However, her dreams would be cut short only a few short months after arriving. The tragic and violent assault would lead her in to a decade long downward spiral of silence, prescription drug abuse, and suicidal tendencies. Fast-forward to 2015; with the support of her new-found community of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Delphia was able to heal. Returning to songwriting began with putting away the guitar and performing from behind a piano. Before any other songs could be written, the events of her fateful night had to be confronted. ‘Blooming Roses’ is a powerful piece that goes beyond the physical events of assault and confronts the shame that women are forced to feel by their community and society. When independent film director Antonio Weiss heard the song, he knew he had to use it in his film about the sex trade industry, ‘CUTS.’ One year after returning to the stage, Delphia has organized one of New Mexico’s most exciting ensembles, affectionately referred to as her ‘Deltones’ which includes a guitar, saxophone, drum and bass rhythm section, accented with harmonies, keyboard, Hammond B3 organ, and a live string section. She has performed for the National Dance Institute, the New Mexico Music Commission’s Platinum Music Awards, Route 66 Summerfest, New Mexico Jazz Workshop’s ‘Ladies Sing the Blues,’ taken the main stage at State Fairs, headlined the New Mexico Philharmonic’s Annual Gala, and sold-out her first performance at the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In addition, she has sold more than 1100 pre-orders for her upcoming album ‘Moonlight’ to be recorded with four-time Grammy Award winning jazz producer Larry Klein.

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