David Bridwell

David Bridwell is a Singer-Songwriter based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He got his start as a child playing air guitar in his backyard. His Mother held the video camera and the neighbors splashed water at him while he perfected his moves to the Beach Boys “Surfing USA”. After his parents noted his interest in music, his Dad did what any Dad would do and cut a guitar shape out of a piece of wood and painted it. If this isn’t a privileged childhood I don’t know what is. David picked up his first actual guitar after scrounging up his Christmas money his senior year of high school, but it collected dust until his adult-like discipline was fully developed in his early thirties. He’s been doing the singer-songwriter thing over the past five years, writing songs which are often noted for their straightforward honest humor. He has produced such classics as I Can’t Find a Damn Thing, When You Love Somebody (You Put Up With A Lot Of Shit), The Social Awareness Song, and Please Don’t Be a Fucking Idiot. When he wrote a song about a spider that walked across his wall a little bit too fast, he knew he would never run out of new songs.

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