Chris Zaccara

Chris has been interested in magic for most of his life. Growing up in rural Louisiana in the days before the internet, however, his exposure to the art was limited to yearly David Copperfield specials and occasional trips into New Orleans or Baton Rouge to visit the magic shops there. It wasn’t until moving to Albuquerque in ’96 that Chris really had a chance to explore magic. Since then he has worked behind the counter of two magic shops in Albuquerque, performed for many birthday and aniversary events, and spent time as a restaurant magician. Chris believes in magic very strongly and loves to share it with others. In addition to performing in Max’s Magic Theatre, he is also one of the key demonstrators and teachers in the shop. Chris is also an alumni of The Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas, NV. Chris specializes in close up magic performed for individuals or groups of 2-15 at a time. When magic is shared with your guests or clients only inches from their own eyes, people cannot help feeling like they are a part of something special. Magic can elevate any event, helping to make it more memorable, and more enjoyable. “Performing magic professionally is about more than being in the spotlight, the idea is to share that light with your participants, to bring them inside and let them share the experience of magic”

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