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Talent Magazines are a group of magazines launched in October 2009 by Digital Advertising Systems, Inc. The publications were originally conceptualized as print magazines by the publishers but it came into being as an online, interactive publication. In June 2010, the magazines were made available for free downloads and the mobile edition was launched in July 2010. With the completion of its Ninth year of publication in September 2018, the magazines are also be available as print-on-demand throughout the United States.

The magazines are devoted to talent promotion in the fields of art, music, theater, stage, fashion modeling and more, and predominantly feature profiles of artists, actors models and other entertainers. Issued monthly, the magazine’s target audience was the 16 – 50 demographic, although this demographic has diversified considerably over time and now even includes the 75+ population.

The online magazines currently have an average of 64 pages of online, multimedia-rich content on visual artists, musicians, photographers, actors and philanthropists of the United States. Since January 2010, Talent Magazines have undergone a major transformation. The magazines are currently available online for free reading, with an optional subscription that entitles you to read members-only content on the magazine for a very small monthly subscription fee.

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