Stephon Smith

Comedian Stephon Smith is Comedian, actor, host and mc from Memphis TN. He is the owner of Showtime Ent where he produces shows and helps musical artists. He also is the host and star of The Stephon Smith TV Show where he showcases and promotes various types of indie artists and businesses from all over the midsouth. He is filming his 2nd season that is currently airing on the Tina Tilton Ent Network in Memphis Channel 46.1 and on Comcast & UVerse in Houston Tx and on Youtube under The Stephon Smith TV Show. He has hosted and performed at various shows all over the city of Memphis and across the country with such national comedians as Shang, Lavelle Crawford, TP Hearn, Chocolate, Irma Johnson, Lester Bibbs, Funnyman Prescott, Spank E, Joe Clair, Shawty Shawty, Marvin Hunter, Bruce Bruce, DeRay, Corey Holcomb, Damon Williams, Cedric The Entertainer, George Wallace and others. He was voted the #1 mc in the midsouth and has appeared and starred in several plays and movies around the city and the country. He is also a well known gospel comedian who has appeared twice on BET. You can find him on YouTube under Comedian Stephon Smith. He has won 3 comedy awards including Urban Industry Comedian Of The Year 2014, Mtenzi Award for Best Host, Comedian 2014 and was a finalist for Best Comedian at The Best In Black Awards 2014 and the Juneteenth Awards 2015 and for a 2016 Steeple Award.

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