Tabitha R. Ferrell

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Tabitha R. FerrellBorn in Vista California in 1972 it was a long time before I became aware that God had given me a gift to paint. I played around in art class in public school throughout my years there, I even entered a few art competitions winning a ribbon or two. However, the extent of what He gave me didn’t really emerge until the summer of 2008. By the time 2008 had rolled around, it had been almost 20 years since I had really done much painting at all. But that summer in Tulsa, Ok; I had found myself offering my time to paint murals in a children’s church. This was a pivotal time in my art carrier.
The first section of the mural I had painted was horrible. Really awful. I stopped. I painted over it. Then I prayed. When I finished it for the second time, I stepped back. My draw literally dropped open. What I saw was way beyond my skill and ability alone. I knew and realized He had helped me. From that day to this, I now pray before I paint. Often I will even pray during the painting as well. I came to realize that I can do what I do with His help only. Its God’s Holy Spirit that works through my hands and in myTabitha R. Ferrell heart to bring about these images you see today in my art.
My primary medium is acrylic. No fancy paint, no fancy brushes, and I cannot even explain my technique to you as it changes from art piece to art piece. I never know what Abba has in store until I actually put the brush to the canvas. Even then it is a moment by moment adventure. My goal in all of this is not about becoming a millionaire or a famous artist. My goal in this is to bring God’s Name glory and testify as to His power, grace, mercy, and that He is at work in each one of us. The gift He gave me is art. I pray that you feel and know His love for you everytime you look at my art.

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