Murphy Lee Yang

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Murphy Lee YangIm 75% Asian and 25% Black, My Asian Ethnicity Is HMONG! I was Born and Raised In Fresno, C.A. I Moved Around Alot When I Was A Kid. Ive Been Dancing Since Birth. One Of My Biggest Inspirations was “Micheal Jackson”. After seeing Him I Wanted To Really Get Into Dancing, Started With Popping and Moon Walking, I Stared Bboying when I Was 8 or 9 Years Old, and Really Started Getting Into Poppin a year later. When I Was 14 I Started Krumping, and From There I Stared Pickin Up All Other Style’s. I Got The Name “THE KIDD” Because I’ve Been Dancing Since I was A kid and I act and Dance like a Kid, I Love to Goof Off! I Got My Other Name”KAMIKAZE” Because My Move’s AreMurphy Lee Yang Explosive, Big, Rugged, Raw, Aggressive and Evil, So 2 Different Style. Like A Bitter Sweet! Ive Been On T.V. On SYTYCD Opening Clip, The News, Newspapers, Movies, and Many More To Come! My Main Focus Is To Do What I love And Love what I Do! Inspire! Influence! Motivate! Touch Peoples Life! Im gettin Closer to My Dreams!!! I Love what I Do and Do What I love!!! Dancing Is Not Only What I Do, But Who I Am!!! I’m A Really Passionate Person!!!

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