Jimmy Lee Jordan Band

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Jimmy Lee Jordan BandJimmy Lee Jordan has been performing on stages, small or large, around Oklahoma, the surrounding states, and foreign countries for many years. Armed with a passion for music and the experience to back it up, Jimmy Lee formed what is known today as The Jimmy Lee Jordan Band with musicians that have shared the stage with regional/national artists such as Trick Pony, Blues Traveler, Phil Vassar, Heartland, Terri Clark and Ricochet to name a few. The “JLJB” is currently blowing up the Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas Country Music circuits playing a wide variety of Country, Red Dirt, & Southern Rock! Whether you’re a fan ready to blow off the work week and hit the town for a boot scootin’, rockin’ night or a venue ready to book a gig–the Jimmy Lee Jordan Band has you covered!
Showcasing live music; as well as their crowd engaging performances, or even their infamous yet widely popular comic relief skit (Redneck Fat Man), the JLJB has their fans coming back and begging for more with their heart pounding performances on packed dance floors alike. Unlike many groups, they don’t just play music, they put on a show for their fans to keep them coming back for more. This is one Country/Red Dirt/Southern Rock Band you can’t afford to miss in action! With a fan base rising faster than the Oklahoma temperatures on a hot summer day, The Jimmy Lee Jordan Band has it all, so SEE A SHOW, BOOK A GIG, and LIKE, FAN, or FOLLOW themJimmy Lee Jordan Band NOW!
Jimmy Lee Jordan
Jimmy Lee Jordan was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was adopted at age 6; then moved to Canton, N.C. where he was raised. Starting out as a youth, his earliest memories helped him develop a strong sense of humility to which he applied a positive sense of self and music in one form or the other. His parents were his primary influences, urging him to learn the banjo; though, it wasn’t his “nitch”, he later learned to play guitar on his own. When asked about his earliest memory as a vocalist, Jimmy laughed and said, “I grew up on a farm and raised lambs and every night I would sit for hours in the feed barn and practice my singing in front my “wooly” friends. I guess I’ve come a long way from those days but I’m still just an ol’ country boy with an outlaw rock flare.”
From 7 years of age and all through his teen years, he had discovered a love of “clogging” after watching his parents perform. In high school, Jimmy won several competitions as part of The Carolina Cloggers showcasing at festivals and competitions; in addition to, performing for the President of the United States. After graduation, he attended college for a year, but the desire to serve others always pulled at him. By age 20, he had joined the military and received his first assignment at Vance AFB, in Oklahoma, where he would eventually set his roots. While in the US Air Force, he spent the ’90s dividing his time between his two passions—music and the call of Jimmy Lee Jordan Bandduty.
While in the military, Jimmy found a balance of both, performing for the troops as a vocalist on his days off. He earned such accolades like opening for Trick Pony, John Popper & Blues Traveler, Tops in Blue, Touch and Go to name a few. When asked about his music, Jimmy replied “I strive for balance and put my heart, soul, and passion into it; whether it’s my own, or a cover tune, I try to connect to each listener!” That balance has made him the kind of performer who awards ceremonies can feel good about honoring, and honor him they did: Jimmy had the honor of appearing on an Emmy award winning television show with Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson, Willie Nelson, Bryan McKnight, Big and Rich, and Jimmy Kimmel.
Jimmy Lee Jordan has paid nearly a decade-and-a-half of dues en route to fulfilling his dreams with his charismatic demeanor and humor. Upon retiring from the military after 20+ years of loyal service, Jimmy went on to front and perform in several local and regional bands; though, he’d always enjoyed some success in his own right, something was still missing. When asked what it was, he replied “That X Factor, I feel that I am always evolving as an artist, who I am now isn’t yet who I am meant to be.” To that resolve, he formed the Jimmy Lee Jordan Band, a group of like-minded talentedJimmy Lee Jordan Band musicans, whiskey bent and hell bound on developing a strong mainstream appeal by blending a charismatic mix of stage presence alongside music that is grounded in tradition; yet, branded in a rockin’ high-energy show unlike any other.
Cobe is a high energy, powerhouse musician who came from and still embraces Enid, Oklahoma. He is known for his skills on the keys and has shared the stage with local, regional and national recording artists like Terri Clark, Heartland and Phil Vassar. An approachable disposition, rugged attire and mirrored shades may frame him, but his true art comes from what you don’t see. COBE does not try to copy anyone else’s style; he’s happy to tell his story, his truth, and he believes that music should motivate people to do something. “I don’t believe in genres–just in ‘good’ and ‘bad’ music that comes from deep within the soul,” says COBE. His style, on the keys, is rhythmic—his hands, a powerful instrument of emotion as he conducts the crowds like a country rock orchestra of human experience.
His music–like the man of substance playing it—is an extension of his heart—with an ebb and flow of emotion that resonates delivering an authentic, polished sound as individual as COBE himself. “I play for the people who have helped me do my thing,” he says. He is—who he is and makes no apologies for—who he is not. In his own words, “I believe we are all bornJimmy Lee Jordan Band with a purpose and given a unique gift to make a difference–mine is music. If I believed every “expert” that had an opinion about this blind white boy from Oklahoma; then, I would never have walked, talked, etc. Music is my ‘tuning fork’ and I play for our fans, so maybe I can help them through something they are going through in their life. If my story helps someone else, then I feel I am doing what I was put here to do.”
Greg Feely
Greg Feely hails from Manchester, Oklahoma and has been a staple on the regional music scene for many years. He has played in numerous acts across OK, KS, and TX and is no stranger to the big stage atmosphere. Greg has many sides to his personality, most notably, he is a professional musician; however, Greg often describes himself as “funny, at least I like to think so.” Most will agree, Greg is quick witted and sure to make the crowds chuckle. Jimmy Lee Jordan Band
Greg began playing drums when he was in elementary school, and his love for performing has grown ever since. “I don’t read music, but I work my tail off to try and play every song as close to the original as possible, then add my personal flare to truly make the song my own. I’d like to think I’m best described as not overly flashy, but very consistent and precise while maintaining a controlled volume.”
When asked about why he enjoys playing music and entertaining crowds, Greg said: “Personally, I think it is a huge stress reliever, and it’s great socializing with the many different people we encounter while playing shows all over the Midwest.” Greg chuckled and said he first became a musician because “well it was the cool thing to do back when I started, and everyone wanted to grow their hair out and a great way to meet girls.”
Greg’s career has come a long way from playing his first show at the Barber County Rodeo in Kansas to touring across the Midwest! Most recently, he played with a band called “The Goons” that were well known in KS; before joining the Jimmy Lee Jordan Band in 2017 and beginning the journey across the Midwest.
David Wayne Broyles
David Wayne Broyles hails from Moore. Oklahoma and brings that certain outlaw appeal to the Jimmy Lee Jordan Band. David is pure, raw, and in your face at times, but has a heart and passion for playing good music that’s as big as the sun. David has played with many regional acts over the years, most notably the Aaron Woods Band, and has truly crafted his own brand of songwriting into a couple of albums and many singles currently available on Itunes and other outlets. Staying busy and playing music is what keeps David in tune. He has names for each of his guitars and treats them like ladies; always ensuring they are pampered and taken care of at all hours of Jimmy Lee Jordan Bandthe night. David best describes his style as “a delicate balance between loud and Clay Aiken.” All joking aside, David is a profound musician and an entertainer.
After joining the Jimmy Lee Jordan Band in 2017, David has finally found his new home and has been a solid cornerstone in the band. Whether he is playing his guitar standing atop the bar or perched on a chair in the middle of the venue, he always shreds for the fans and helps keep the audience engaged in every show. When asked who some of his influences might be, “I’d like to think I make the strum strums, plunk plunks, bang bangs, and all the catterwallin’…well, most of it anyway; but I think I’m most influenced by John Prine, David Gray and Steve Earle.” “I’m at home when I’m on the stage and performing for our fans, their energy drives me as it does each of us and we strive to give the best performance we can every night; regardless of venue size.” The JLJB couldn’t agree more and we are happy to have David on board!

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