Full Circle

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Full CircleFull Circle has been together for 25 years and all the original members are still a part of the band. Full Circle started out as a strictly classic rock band but over the years have added country, ballads and even a waltz or two to their playlist. Full Circle tries to play for as many people as they can. When the time is right for a hard rockin’ band, Full Circle can handle that duty with ease!
Frank Barry
(lead vocals, drums)
Frank is a school teacher, tennis instructor, and musician. He loves to entertain people. Music is the soul’s food to him. He is the band leader.
James Massie Full Circle
(lead guitarist)
James works for the City of Norman. He has played guitar all his life. Full Circle is fortunate to have him because with his talent, he could have easily moved up to the next level. James is the musicians musician.
Paul Boyer
(bass, vocals)
Paul is the rock that Full Circle is built upon. He is very steady on the bass. He also doubles as the soundman when needed. He is very practical-minded and keeps this band together.

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