Shago Elizondo

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Santiago “Shago” Elizondo has been playing the guitar, among other instruments, since the age of thirteen. Born in Bakersfield, California, Shago currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a 2013 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, earning his bachelor’s degree with a major in English and a minor in Technical Writing–though he considers himself a student of music above all else. From his teenage to early adult years, Shago was a part of several original groups, including Lucky Five, Electric Cartel, and The Bear Romantic. With roots as a progressive rock guitarist, his style of playing has grown to blend elements of blues, R&B, gospel and jazz with his rock beginnings. Shago currently tours with Grammy award-winning R&B singer Fantasia, and has also played for artists such as K Michelle, and Case. He has performed on TV shows such as Good Morning America and has played to audiences of over 30,000 people. He is available for hire as a live and studio musician, and he also has home-recording capabilities. Please contact for rates.
Shago proudly endorses Empire Ears, Strymon Engineering, and Elixir Strings. He loves to use Supro and Fender amplifiers, as well as Fender and Gibson guitars. Shago’s pedalboard includes pedals from Strymon, TC Electronics, JHS, Wampler, Electro-Harmonix Dunlop, Mooer, J Rockett Audio Designs, Ibanez, ThroBak electronics, Ernie Ball, and Earthquaker Devices. Shago has exclusively used Elixir Strings and Dunlop picks for the past several years, and he uses LM Products guitar

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