Rose Luardo

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Rose LuardoRose Luardo began her performance career after graduating from New York University and deciding to move to Philadelphia where things were a bit grittier. She became acquainted with the art collective Space 1026 and began working on various performance shows. Luardo’s first participation at Space 1026 Gallery was in Smash it, Break it, Eat it a combination food, sculpture and performance art show.
In her pursuit for the perfect blend of art, comedy, physical theater and performance she began work with Thom Lessner and formed the musical group Sweatheart. It has been said, if the seminal fluid of Sparks, Prince, Plander Z and Kate Bush were harvested and then combined to make a rock and roll band child, that musical concoction would be Sweatheart. Sweatheart has graced the stage with acts such as DEVO, The Darkness, Hank and the Cupcakes and Santigold. The group has also been featured in VICE magazine’s Practice Space, Anthem Magazine and Dazed and Confused.
Luardo was tapped by musician Santigold to perform as both singer and hype-woman. All this, while holding down her clown work as a make-up consultant at Sephora. Luardo graduated from Headlong Performance Institute where she studied ComediaRose Luardo dell’Arte and physical theater. What a ride! After graduating, Luardo began producing one-woman performance works and continues to do so. Luardo works with fine artist and comedian Andrew Jeffrey Wight as the performance art, writing and comedy duo The New Dreamz. Together they have written a series of children’s programs for Comcast and host/produce Comedy Dreamz which shows in NYC and Philadelphia. Right now her favorite movie is John Carpenter’s The Thing.

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