Maren Mattson

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I am a chef with ten years of experience working with local, seasonable and sustainable food. As a personal chef, I offer families and individuals great food tailored to their unique tastes, and give my clients back their time. I remove the stress and time of planning, shopping, preparation and cleanup for busy folks who want to eat well without sacrificing their sanity in the process. Every client’s situation is unique, so every plan is tailored to their particular needs. Whether it is regular weekly cooking, an occasional cook date to relieve pressure during the busy holiday season, or a special dinner party to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, I create unique menus and service styles to suit the occasion. The most common service style I provide is a regularly-scheduled cook date once per week, during which I prepare 3-5 complete meals to be enjoyed at your convenience. All of the dishes are labeled and any necessary heating instructions emailed to you, making it easy for you to enjoy your delicious food on your schedule. Every menu I create is unique, and I have a wide range of experience with food intolerances and eating styles (gluten- or dairy-free? Paleo? Don’t eat pork? No problem). I am always doing research about new ways to prepare food, so if you are struggling to make a change in your diet or simply have a supply of allergen-free food on hand, I’m here to help. I have always loved food– loved the way it nourishes, comforts and connects. As a child, I spent hours in the kitchen experimenting (chocolate soup, anyone?), even setting up my own faux “restaurant” in the dining room. After moving to Minneapolis in college, I got my first restaurant job and never looked back. I spent years in restaurants before moving to catering, and finally to my dream of owning my own sustainable personal chef business. As a personal chef, I connect my love of good food craftsmanship with my love of hospitality, of nourishing, of simply cooking someone a great dinner.

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