Lindsey Kustusch

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I am an oil painter based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been exhibiting my artwork nationwide since 2009, and have recently begun teaching classes and workshops at Sadie Valerie Atelier in San Francisco. I am fascinated by the power art possess, and the way a painting can dramatically alter the way we see our surroundings. How everyday things can gain beauty simply because we’ve experienced them through someone else’s eyes. That is the magic behind the paint brush. Whether that’s landscapes, portraits, still life, or anything in between, art offers us a chance to see the world differently. So as a loyal city dweller, and a lifetime animal lover and advocate, my ambition is to capture the fleeting moments in life, using this medium as an opportunity to see the world with a more interesting and colorful perspective. Translating my day to day experiences, the emotional connection to those memories, as well as exploring the beauty of nature through animal portraiture and Plein Air Painting has become the sole drive of everything that I create.

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