Kathleen Howard Piper

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Kathleen Howard PiperI am a painter, sculptor, glass artist, and occasionally a teacher. I also sing professionally, and write. Although I am far to old to be a college student, I enjoy auditing music and art classes at the University of Oregon. The student-run Craft Center there provides a fantastic opportunity to continually learn new techniques and hang out with other artists actively working on stuff.Kathleen Howard Piper Couldn’t be better for an experimental artist like myself!
I have always loved making pictures and working with form and space. I started formal art training at age seven, and take lessons still today. Color, light, drawing, modeling—these are my delight. My deepest influences have been the mountains and deserts of the American West, modern abstraction and impressionism, Zen painting, and the Greek and Egyptian sculpture of antiquity. I have been showing and selling artworks since 1968, and have worked extensively with glass, ceramics, and mixed media for the last fourteen years.

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