Kathey Norton

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Kathey Norton was born and raised in Sacramento, California.
She wrote her first novel (From Loneliness to Love) while still in high school. Her first article, “Reflection on Rejection” was published in Fiction Writers Magazine when she was twenty. Her poetry has been featured in two Quill Books poetry anthologies, “Whispers in the Wind” (1989) and “Down Peaceful Paths” (1991), and two Free Focus anthologies (1990). In addition, her poetry also appeared in several issues of New Poets Generation and Poet (1991). Her single scene screenplay, “Precious Lives” was published in Arts & Understanding Magazine (March 2012).
Before taking a break from writing at age twenty-three to care for her mother, Jeanne, who fought a long and courageous battle against Alzheimer’s disease, Kathey wrote three more novels (Schoolgirl in Disgrace, Double Life, and What Becomes a Legend Most), and Diary of a Fast Food Worker, a non-fiction book about her experience working in the fast food industry.
During her hiatus from writing, Kathey completed a BA in Communication Studies (2001) and a MA in Political Science (2010). She resumed her writing career in late 2010, and is currently in the process of writing new screenplays and adapting screenplays from her existing novels. In addition to writing, she is also interested in directing and learning to write music for film.
She lists her creative influences as Ray Davies of The Kinks, Clint Eastwood, Alfred Hitchcock, J.D. Salinger, Sylvia Plath, and Jacqueline Susann. She prefers reading biographies opposed to fiction, and is greatly inspired by music and musicians, and considered by family and friends to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the entertainment industry and pop culture.
Outside of writing, Kathey’s interests include music, film, animal rights, politics, traveling, underground comics, astrology, hiking, elder care issues, forensic science, entomology, medical terminology, marketing, advertising, and public relations.

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