Jodi Nuttall

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Jodi is a native Huntsvillian who has also lived in Tennessee and England. She met her husband, David ( artimaps ) in England and brought him back to Huntsville in 1996. Jodi and David share Studio 308 (3rd floor) at Lowe Milll, and continue to draw inspiration from eachother. Jodi often paints from reference pictures either she or her husband take during their travels. Her current passion is painting landscapes and still lifes with soft pastels on “Pastelbord”. She also dabbles with abstracts and takes commissions. The immediacy and the velvety texture of the soft pastels and the directness of moving the pigment around with her fingers is what she likes most. An oil painter for several years, she got tired of mixing paint and mediums to get the desired colors and consistency. Jodi is mainly self-taught and chooses what to paint based on the mood or feeling of a subject and how well it resonates with her. Unlike most pastel artists, she does not alternate cool and warm layers of color. Jodi’s focus is on local color and her technique usually involves a lot of blending, although after taking a master pastelist class in 2016, she is starting to experiment with adding more non-local color.

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